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We perform reconnaissance, observation and aerial surveillance for public and private companies and individuals, both in a timely manner and continuously. Continuous observation and patrol allows us to detect anomalies and act on it quickly.

  • Prevention programs and forest fire monitoring through monitoring and observing changes in different areas that indicate potential problems.
  • Documentation and monitoring of disasters such as floods, weather damage or fire
  • Search of people or animals, stolen vehicles or boats.
  • Monitoring communication infrastructures, including linear infrastructure inspections, certifications of conservation status or visual controls for execution of works.
  • Continuous visual monitoring of power lines, roads, railways, watersheds, crops and forests.
  • Visual inspections for illegal construction, waste ......
  • Beaches surveillance.
  • Trace of sport events such as cycling races, fishing competitions, races or marathons, among others.
  • Search for filming locations.


Tropicopter heliport

Muelle de Costa s/n. Puerto de Motril. Motril · Granada 18613

Tel-fax: (+34) 958 60 92 50

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