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One of the unique things about helicopters is its ability to pick up and place loads into remote areas. Using helicopters as an aerial crane for external load operations often proves much safer and cost effective than other conventional methods. In areas where limited road access, steep terrain or forest environments restrict vehicle movement, the helicopter shows its full potential.

Tropicopter external load operations are done with Robinson R44 and Bell 206 helicopters.

External load is used to carry goods from one place to another one with a difficult land accesibility as transportation of construction materials for forest guard houses or shelters, power line construction and  placement of sculptures or for aerial construction. Utilizing a helicopter as an aerial crane eliminates the setup and tear down costs of employing a conventional crane. Helicopters enable contractors to work quickly and safely around conveyors, air conditioning units, chillers, towers, etc. The traditional problems of cranes not having enough ‘boom’ to reach into expansive rooftops are no longer an issue. Helicopters can replace the functions of a crane where objects require to be placed on elevated positions.

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