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We take off from Motril to fly towards Sierra Nevada, to land in the ski resort at first time in the morning. Once there, we will be equipped with evereything necessary to enjoy of a skii day : clothing, snowboard/ski material, forfait… And we will have a guiding teacher that will help us with everything necessary.

After spending the morning enjoying this wonderful sport, we will set course back to our base in Motril, where we will spend the afternoon having a walk through the beach, having a bath, sunbathing, etc... See conditions

SKIMAR, the perfect union!


Is there any other better way to enjoy of a walk through the beach, sunbathing on the sand, or delight with a beautiful sunset on the tropical coast?

Maybe expending the day skiing, enjoying the snow and the many different sport activities in the best-climate ski resort of the world?

Tropicopter offers you a totally unique experience... Enjoy the two wonderful experiences in a day.

Can you imagine skiing in the morning in Sierra Nevada and in the same afternoon enjoy of a splendid walk through the seashore?

SKIMAR... Stop imagining, with Tropicopter everything Is possible