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Our heliport, the second private heliport authorized by AESA in Andalusia is located in a privileged environment, surrounded by mountains to the north (Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Lujar) and the Mediterranean Sea to the South. In fact, it is located by the water, so that take offs and landings are always done over the sea, enjoying spectacular views of the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada, what makes it unique.

In addition, Costa Tropical micro-climate, with at least 320 sunny days per year, allows flying almost every day of the year.

If you want to come with your helicopter, please contact us to ask for availability. We have a hangar where your helicopter can overnight, and a room to prepare your next flight. We also have a weather station. The heliport´s radio frequency is 118.500.

The preferential heading for take offs and landings is to the south of the heliport, making the approach from the sea by heading 340º and taking off towards the sea by heading 160º.
Take offs by heading 280º or approachs by heading 100º wiil be done just because of emergency situations or winds that prevent operations by the preferential headings.

Tropicopter heliport

Muelle de Costa s/n. Puerto de Motril. Motril · Granada 18613

Tel-fax: (+34) 958 60 92 50

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